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5 things you didn’t know about Okamoto

Okamoto has been a known name in the manufacturing industry for a very long time. Since 1926, in fact! The brand is the most diverse abrasive grinding company in the world, offering a variety of capabilities in internal, cylindrical, surface, rotary, and gear grinding technology. 

If you are part of the semiconductor, automobile, airplane, satellite, or electronic industry, you have probably heard of Okamoto. But just to stir it up a bit, here are 5 things you may not yet know about the brand:

1. Okamoto has the #1 MARKET SHARE in the industry.

Okamoto was the first to see the world’s need for innovative and automatic abrasive grinding technology in manufacturing. The company started its innovation and growth in 1926 and has grown to be a worldwide company with the #1 market share in the industry. 

2. Okamoto is known for its FIRSTS.

Not only was Okamoto the very first company to serve the world’s need for grinding technology, it has also spearheaded innovation for the industry and has consistently produced new technologies time and time again over the past 100 years. Take the first automatic spur gear grinding machine (Model ASg-2) in 1930 for example, or the first domestic sSurface grinding Machine (Model PSG-6) in 1953. And in modern manufacturing, Okamoto developed the first CNC surface grinding machine which supported the need for automation and mass production in the 21st century. 

3. Okamoto OWNS its own FOUNDRY.

Okamoto sets itself apart by running its own foundry, an uncommon quality for most grinding machine manufacturers out there.

At the foundry, Okamoto designs its own castings from wooden patterns manufacturing higher rigidity and higher quality multi-shaped castings. Due to the flexibility that comes with running its own foundry, Okamoto is able to incorporate a traditional, handcrafted scraping technique called Kusage to produce more precise, flat, square, and straight products that can’t be produced solely by machines. In this way, Okamoto sets themselves apart by providing top of the line parts through traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. 

4. Okamoto gears produce ZERO noise and vibration

Okamoto efficiently produces gears with an automatic production line using robots. These high precision gears produce zero noise and vibration and play a huge role in the modern hardware industry that produce cars, agricultural machinery, and outboard motors.

5. Okamoto’s MISSION is to contribute to societies growth as effectively as possible

In 1953 when the manufacturing industry was suffering due to the drawn out impacts of World War II, Okamoto knew how much the world needed grinding capabilities to jumpstart the manufacturing industry back into full swing. That’s when Okamoto developed the first domestic surface grinding machine that produced gear pumps for spinning yarn machines that made clothing for the masses. 

Okamato wants to help society grow by producing the best quality parts and machines for next generation manufacturing. The company is always forward thinking and they meet their mission by facilitating the entire abrasion grinding process from the design stage to the finishing stage. This also provides the flexibility to respond to customer’s specific needs in order to deliver high quality, low cost products in a short delivery period. No wonder Okamoto has the #1 market share in the industry!

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