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5 things you didn’t know about Hurco

Reynolds Machinery makes sure to supply you with the best equipment from the most reliable and cutting edge brands in the industry like Hurco Companies, Inc.

Hurco uses computer technology to make the manufacturing process more efficient by supplying the most innovative, reliable, and efficient CNC machine tools out there.

On top of that, Hurco gives you the best control in terms of versatility, usability, and power. With NC-Conversational Merge software, intuitive user interfaces and ergonomic designs, as well as 128GB Solid State Hard Drive, 4GB of RAM, 2.7GHz Dual Core Processing up to 7,000 bps, Hurco is second to none in the industry.

But if those were among the things you already knew about Hurco, here are 5 interesting things about Hurco that may spark your interest:

1. Motorsports are a significant part of Hurco’s culture.

With Hurco’s headquarters located in the Racing Capital of the World (Indianapolis, Indiana!!), motorsports is majorly part of Hurco’s identity. The brand is a proud sponsor of FOUR successful racing teams including John Force Racing, Ed Carpenter Racing, Innovators West, and Jake Timm Racing.

Additionally, Hurco has countless customers supplying parts to race teams, and these same teams have seen the advantage of manufacturing their own parts through Hurco’s products to gain a competitive edge in the sport.

2. Hurco invented Conversational Programming.

When Hurco was first started in 1968, its creators knew the importance of making software work seamlessly with machines. They had the foresight to know that this would make the manufacturing process faster and cheaper for the working man. Their work resulted in patents that now every machine tool builder licenses through Hurco.

Hurco started the software to machine revolution and it is still the leader in the industry.

3. Hurco has more than 50 years in the industry.

Founded in 1968, Hurco has invested over 50 years experience in developing the best CNC machines in the industry. With more than 65 machines to meet your cutting tool needs, from CNC Mills to CNC lathes and everything in between, Hurco has an innovative machine for you that will get you from print to part faster.

4. Hurco is an American Company and publicly traded on Nasdaq

With manufacturing technology invented in Indiana, its support of American motorsports, Hurco is a true American brand, publicly traded company on Nasdaq. Being publicly traded offers you the transparency you need to know that Hurco is a financially stable company, so you can have peace of mind that Hurco’s always got your back.

5. Hurco focuses on the longevity of its products and great customer service.

Hurco’s main goal is providing machines that are built to last. For this reason, Hurco considers their greatest competition to be the used Hurcos that have been making chips for over 30 years. The products are so reliable that they will last for decades. The brand wants to support YOU and the best way to do that is giving you the best machines possible for as long as possible.

Hurco also knows that there is nothing worse than bad service. If your machines aren’t working, you’re not making money. So on the off-chance that your machine needs service, Hurco has established a stellar reputation for prompt, reliable service through its internal teams and its dealers like Reynolds Machinery, which was named Hurco dealer of the year! Rest easy knowing that you’ll get the help you need when you need it, and keep everything in production.

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