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Metal X 3D Printer + Wash 1 +Sinter 1
Serial #26be403d

Print complex, tough or impossible-to-machine metal parts in hours. Materials range from stainless steels, tool steels, Inconel, and pure copper.

This system includes the wash unit and sinter #1. Contact us for a remote or in-person demonstration.


X7 (gen. 2)
Serial #b05e523e-4786-44c1-b29f-55e7fe3640af

Print plastic parts reinforced with carbon fiber as strong as 6061 Aluminum. You can also reinforce your parts with Kevlar, fiberglass, HSHT fiberglass, or print in solid nylon that’s non-marking and paintable. Markforged has just introduced their Onyx FR fire retardant material and Onyx ESD for electrostatic sensitive applications.

Contact us for a remote or in-person demonstration.

NL Series

Serial #N15M12201011

Arrived June, 2021, the NL1500M 3-axis lathe with 6″ chuck is packed with brute force and tons of extras, like tool presetter, oil skimmer, barfeed interface, parts catcher, programmable tailstock and side discharge chip conveyor. Better yet, it’s in everyone’s price range.

Schedule a demo in our Dayton, Ohio Tech Center and be wowed by it’s performance.


Serial #15055

This Kitamura MedCenter only takes up 28 sqft. of floor space (4′ x 7′) but offers big advantages for machining your complex or 5-sided parts. This is a crazy fast and accurate small parts, 5-axis machining center featuring 30,000 rpm spindle, 40 tool ATC, HSK spindle, linear and rotary scale feedback.

Arrange for a demo in our Dayton, Ohio Tech Center.

Mytrunnion Series

Serial #18121

This trunnion style 5-axis machining center has a 16″ diameter table capable of holding a 21″ diameter part weighing 440 lbs. All Mytrunnion models are highly accurate and super fast, and this machine has a 60 tool ATC, chilled ball screws, and a CAT40, 15,000 rpm spindle. Contact us for a remote or in-person demonstration and we’ll show off the mirror finish demo part we designed.

VC/VCX Series

Serial #SV442100290AKBCH

This unit sells for $232,820
including CTS and 40 tool ATC.
Available after July 31, 2021

This traveling column 5-axis machining center is massive, but the footprint is smaller than most. The corner door allows for close-up access to the table and chip flow is awesome. Glass scale feedback and Hurco’s Ultimotion motion control system make this a fast and accurate machine whether you’re 5-axis contouring or machining 3+2 parts. Contact us for a remote or in-person demonstration.

VM Series

VM20i Plus
Serial #S2021001A1HKBAH

The very popular VM20i Plus is available for demonstrations and training in our tech center in Dayton, Ohio.