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ACC-GX and SA-1 Series

Okamoto's and Ohio's most popular series in the line up. These automatic, hydraulic wet grinders let you set rough, finish and spark-out passes from one easy set-up. SA-1 models add wheel dresser compensation and shift-plunge grinding patterns for increased efficiency. Chuck sizes range from 8" x 20" to 20" x 40".

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ACC-GX and SA-1 Series

ACC 12-24GX

Okamoto is the most popular surface grinder in Ohio. This GX model has a 12″ x 24″ table capacity and is equipped with a Kanetsu electromagnetic chuck, hydraulic over-the-wheel dresser and a coolant system with paper filtration.

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ACC-iQ and NC Series

CNC surface grinders for production grinding, slot grinding, multiple set-ups or form dressing. Several versions include Okamoto's exclusive iQ teach controller. A variety of sizes from the affordable and versatile ACC-818NC to the larger and more powerful CAiQ and DXNC traveling column designs.

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Column and Double Column Series

Surface grinders for the big stuff. Choose from a traveling column design with settings for automatic rough and finish passes or CNC versions for production applications and programmable wheel dressing. Chuck sizes from 20" x 48" up to 32" x 140". For the really big stuff, check out the double column design with capacity up to 77" x 118".

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Manual - Linear B Series

Ideal for any toolroom. Effortless manual operation with a reliable belt driven table gliding on ball bearing ways. Pick from 6" x 12" or 18" table sizes.

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OGM DX Series

The perfect toolroom OD grinder. Easy to use with manual pulse generator, position displays and rough and finish settings. Includes ID attachment.

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OGM III and NCIII Series

Grind up to 10 different diameters in a single setup using simple, conversational programming. Grind tapers and radii with the more sophisticated yet easy to program NCIII models. Swing capacities range from 8" x 20" up to 12" x 60".

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PRG DX and DXNC Series

Rotary grinding means more parts hour. More efficient than a reciprocating grinder and usually better flatness results. Great for cylindrical parts but can be used for all shapes including a magnet filled with small parts. Both series offer a 24" diameter magnet with easy set-up, and the DXNC models allow for multi-step grinding and a 31" chuck option.

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IGM 2M and NCIII Series

It doesn't get any easier to grind internal diameters. The IGM-2MB is super quick to set-up and run production jobs all day. Teach stroke positions and dressing cycles then store that program for future jobs. The IGM-15NCIII models give you added capabilities to grind tapers, faces, multi-steps, ODs, all in a single chucking. Swing up to 24" and grind diameters from 1/4" to 8".

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