Revolutionize your operations with automation.


Quickly respond to your customers’ needs. Profitably run small and mid-size batches with quick setup times.

Increase Efficiency

Optimize your shop with robotics, leading to an automated, efficient and seamless operation.

Eliminate Downtime

Keep machines running and shops performing. CNC Robotics eliminate downtime and reduce time between operations.

Schedule a Demonstration

Our knowledgeable sales team and applications engineers are eager to show you capabilities and answer any questions you might have. Schedule a demonstration in person or remotely and see the benefits of CNC Robotics in person.

With ProCobots machine tending options you can increase your profit by streamlining your production process, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency., Your machinists can focus on more valuable work that requires their skills and expertise.

Halter CNC Robotics is well known as being a key innovator in aerospace, manufacturing, machinery, and automotive as companies look to achieve greater efficiency and profits from their CNC machines. With more than 30 years of experience in the metalworking industry, Halter has advanced the field of CNC automation and developed a CNC machine tending and loading robotic system which is easily connected with any CNC machine.