2-Axis Turning

Heavy Duty Series

The TMi Heavy Duty series is comprised of robust ,18" chuck, 2-axis lathes in various configurations for the largest, heaviest parts. The TM18LBBi features a 10" bar capacity.

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NL Box Way Series

Beast mode. Add a gear driven spindle to box ways and you have the ingredients for a monster turning center. All that and it's still affordable for anyone that wants to rip some metal. Fanuc 0i-TF controller. Choose from an 8" chuck up to a 24" chuck with over 100" of turning length.

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TMi Series

General purpose 2-axis lathes coupled with Hurco's conversational control. If you already have a Hurco mill, a Hurco lathe is a natural fit. Chuck sizes from 6" to 12".

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TMXi Series

A step above the TMi series, the TMXi features a more rigid, one-piece slant bed design, faster movement and more standard features. Chuck sizes from 8" to 10".

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3-Axis Turning

NL Series

The NL Series 3-axis turning centers have a live turret to make these box way, gear driven beasts into super-beasts! Cut your cycle times down with heavy turning, steady finishing, milling and drilling, all with one chucking. And you can still afford these bad boys. Choose from an 8" chuck up to a 24" chuck.

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NL Series

serial: N20MA7221065
Coupled with our Halter robotic LoadAssistant, this versatile 3-axis lathe has a 8" chuck and is packed with brute force and tons of extras, like tool presetter, oil skimmer, barfeed interface, parts catcher, programmable tailstock and side discharge chip conveyor. Better yet, it's in everyone's price range.

TMM Series

When you combine Hurco's conversational control with a lathe and a mill, you get the Hurco TMM Series. This series features live tools for milling and drilling so you can finish your part on one machine. Even more torque and horsepower than the TMXi Series. Chuck sizes include 8", 10" and 12".

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Multi-Axis Turning

MX/MYS Series

Take the TMM Series of 3-axis lathes and add a Y-axis and sub-spindle, equating to a workhorse for complex part productivity. Don't forget, all this can be programmed on the shop floor conversationally or offline with G-code programming. The complex made simple. Chuck sizes from 8" to 10".

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Y-axis and sub-spindle models born out of the NL Box Way Series. Choose from the 6", 8" and 10" chuck Y-axis/sub-spindle versions. 30° slant bed casting for comfortable ergonomics. Same Fanuc 0i-TF controller with Manual Guide-i and an affordable price tag. Reynolds' most popular series in 2022.

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Swiss-Type Turning

Swiss Type

Star is a world leader leader in Swiss-type automatic lathes. Innovation is a constant at the Japanese based manufacturer. Choose from over a dozen configurations, from 10mm to 38mm bar capacity, guide bush and non-guide bush styles and models with up to 10 controlled axes. No medical, aerospace or automotive part is too complex for Star.

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