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2023 Trends in Manufacturing Part Two: Employment Trends

4. Manufacturers are using new equipment as a recruitment tool.

The labor shortage isn’t going anywhere, and now we are seeing manufacturers stepping up their shops, as a way to keep employees engaged and recruit new ones.

Manufacturers aren’t just competing for new business, they are competing for employees, and what we are seeing across the board is that employees are enticed by new, functioning and technology-forward machines that help them push the envelope forward, but also, just give them the confidence that their jobs can be done correctly.

Mays said he is hearing more and more from manufacturers who are looking to update their shops for the benefit of employees and recruitment in addition to the payoff for productivity.

5. Training is becoming a critical part of the manufacturing process.

Mays said the labor shortage is also bleeding through to how manufacturers are addressing the skills gap among potential employees. Because competition for employees is high, manufacturers are more often hiring people who are interested in the work but don’t have the skills and training them up on the job.

One way they are doing this is by taking advantage of training opportunities available at Reynolds Machinery.

“We’ve always had pride in the fact that our training opportunities are something crucial to our offering,” Mays said. “We don’t just sell machines, we are really helping manufacturers with how to use them and get the most from the machines and people who make up their operation.

Mays said the importance of video trainings has become even more important as well, allowing manufacturers to learn more at their convenience. Reynolds Machinery implemented TechTalk videos last year and continues to add videos from partners and builders to the online resource center, providing customers with access to videos to enhance their knowledge and expertise.

Reynolds Machinery is committed to being a strong partner to Ohio manufacturers.

By offering resources, training, insight and the deep knowledge of our engineering team, we’ve been able to help our customers to get the most out of their machines as trends and marketplaces change. We work hand-in-hand with manufacturers on the processes that keep things efficient and moving forward.

Keep your eye out for more in 2023 from Reynolds. We’re continuing our TechTalk series with informative videos, monthly newsletters and continuing to add to our online resource center and in-person trainings to help you prepare for the year ahead.


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