Horizontal Spindle with Automation

DFLn Series


  • DFLn


With the DLFn Modular Machining System, you can add up to 10 modules and still take up half the space of a typical machining line. Unmanned, it can machine a workpiece front and back with turning, measuring, drilling, deburring and more in a single set-up.

ANS Series


  • ANS-3100
  • ANS-4000
  • ANS-4200


ANS series of modular pair well with the ANW Series. The ANS series features rapic change-over and Fuji’s Swing-arm robot L29X. With that, you’re geeting high speed load/unload cycle times.

FS4 Series

  • FS4-3100

The Fuji FS4 Series is geared for high volume production of small to medium-sized parts. This incredibly accurate box way machine with gang style tooling allows for maximum metal removal required in operations such as bearing, small gear and brake piston manufacturing. Its design allows loading and unloading of the work piece with the chuck rotating and is considered by the industry to be the fastest automated machine in its class. Changing parts every 2.5 seconds is advantageous where large production runs are required.

TN Series

  • TN-300
  • TN-400

The Fuji TN Series can perform all turning, facing, drilling, threading, grooving and boring operations in addition to automatic loading and unloading of parts with minimum operator intervention. The machine design provides high stability under the most demanding production requirements and allows both front and back machining of parts in a single set-up which increases the productivity of the cell.

ANW Series

  • ANW-3500
  • ANW-4100
  • ANW-500

The ANW Series of in-line twin spindle lathes features Fuji’s Swing-arm robot L29X for high speed front and back turning on one machine. With four chuck sizes 8″, 10″, 12″ and 15″ and standard horsepower ratings of 20, 30, 61 respectively (optional horsepower upon request), the ANW Series is versatile enough to maximize productivity no matter what you’re turning. ANW Series machines are an excellent choice for high volume heavy duty processes that require precision turning.

CS Series

  • CSD-200
  • CSD-300
  • CSD-300R
  • CSD-400
  • CSS-300
  • CSS-400

Space is a precious commodity in the world of machining. With the CS series from Fuji, not only do you save space, but you increase your productivity. The front facing twin spindle has high rigid slides for heavy duty cuts.

TNW Series

  • TNW-3000
  • TNW-4000
  • TNW-3500R

The TNW series is the ultimate all in one machine. It is capable of turning, milling, drilling and tapping. Raw materials can be completely finished. It has multiple features for unprecedented productivity.

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