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Four reasons to consider adding a five-axis machine to your lineup

If you have a manufacturing facility that relies mostly on three-axis machining centers, and you are running those without issue, you may be wondering why you should consider a five-axis machining center.

There are several reasons you could be doing more with a five-axis set up, and you may be surprised to learn just how much you can expand your capabilities, save time and expedite your processes by introducing a five-axis machining center to the mix.

1. Reduced setups save time and resources.

Five-axis machining centers can allow for increased accessibility, multiple angles, holes on the sides, and more allowing for reduced setups and quick reaction to customer needs. Running complicated parts on a three-axis machining center could require six (or more!) different setups, while the same part, on a five-axis can be accomplished quickly in two setups, reducing complications, margins for error and completion time.

2. Increased machine accuracy keeps you ahead of the curve.

Five-axis machining centers also increase accuracy. Because there are fewer manufacturing processes involved in the production, there is less opportunity for error. Through the use of CAM software and a setup that allows many processes within very few setups, you can create parts with an increase in accuracy, reducing the opportunity for rework and increasing your competitiveness as a manufacturer.

3. Times, they are a’changin.

Years ago, it was very difficult to cross the bridge from three-axis to five-axis machining because the CAM packages alone created a huge hurdle to transition and created their own barrier to entry. However, in recent years, CAM packages have come down in price, with software more accessible and easy-to-learn than ever, meaning the capabilities of a five-axis machine are now well within reach of shops that may have previously been scared off.

4. Increased capabilities

Simultaneous work increases your capabilities as a shop without the need to hire more people. We all know employees are at a premium these days. An investment in the expanded capabilities of a five-axis machining center can help you to instead use a machine to reduce the number of processes you need from your employees. The availability of increased capabilities, simultaneous work and more complex processes, can keep your shop competitive without the need to invest in hiring more employees.

There are many reasons to consider how a five-axis machining center can change your manufacturing processes. What you learn may even lead to a revolutionary change in your business model. Our applications engineers are always eager to answer your questions and help you learn everything you need to know to make a smart decision. Curious to learn more? Reach out to us or come by our West Carrollton tech center, and we’ll show you more about what can be done!m/


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